Lets get this party started

Welcome to our sweet little rental home. My family was and is so lucky to have found a house to rent that feels like our “home”. Let me tell you, it did not start that way. After months and months of pinning pictures of our “dream” home I decided to stop pinning and make this house as close to our dream as possible.


Front View


Back View

With a lot of help from my super handy and handsome (hehe) husband, an amazing homeowner that gives us a ton of creative freedom, and my love of DIY we are starting to make this dream our reality.

We are currently working on a whole exterior update. I am so indecisive, especially when it comes to home decor..expect to see a lot of mind changing and furniture moving (I have redecorated my daughters room 4 times in a year) !

Feel free to follow along the crazy train while we update our rental we now call home!

PS: Prepare yourself for some cute baby overload, I plan on sharing alot about how we juggle renovations and an almost 2 year old :]


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