Exterior update: Part 1

After living in this house a little over a year, I knew I wanted to update the outside. Going into this project I knew it needed to be somewhat simple and cost effective. Of course those two things always point to paint! This is going to be a few different posts since I had shutters, door trim, and the front door to pick colors and paint. Lets start with the shutters!


This rusty color is what we started with. As you can see our door trim and shutters were both this color. I knew I wanted to freshen things up so I went back and forth on the colors for the shutters and ultimately picked a color by Behr called Deep Space. It is a mix between black and navy and I am in love with it!


When I think of freshening up a home with color my mind usually goes straight to lighter/brighter hues but with the natural tan color of our home I knew a lighter neutral or color may make the home look dirty rather than just a warm neutral. So rather than lightening up the shutters themselves I chose to darken the shutters in hopes it would lighten up the home itself.


Before I started painting I taped off the siding surrounding the shutters and fixed any loose pieces with gorilla glue made for plastic (so professional). I used a 2″ angled brush to paint and painted the center slats first using the angle of the brush to really push the paint in the edges. It is really important to not apply too much paint and to combat drips as you go! The last thing you want are pesky drips marks ruining your clean new paint job. After painting the slats I painted the outer edges using vertical strokes to minimize brush lines and horizontal strokes on the middle portion for the same reason. I painted one thin coat and let dry for 24 hours before applying a second. I chose not to prime before painting and opted instead to buy paint that had primer already in it. Worked like a charm and was one less day of painting.


I am really happy with the result and think it lightened up the tan of the home just like I had hoped! The trim on our garage was also painted in the same rust color and after going back and forth about painting it to match the shutters or painting it white to blend with the door, we ultimately decided to paint it.


The trim really helps the house pop from the road so I am happy we decided to paint it to match rather than blend it in.


Next steps will be to paint out the trim around the front door as well as painting the door itself. As you can see a little sneak peek of the trim and door choices we are testing out now! Ill be back with more info on those as soon as my hand stops cramping and I can hold a brush again!!

The cost of this project came out to be around $30..a quart of paint, gorilla glue, and painters tape. I am thrilled with the difference so far and can’t wait to update yall on the rest!


2 thoughts on “Exterior update: Part 1

  1. Can’t wait to see how you transform the house! The door is gonna make a huge difference! San Diego has metal locking doors in addition to the regular door (because the weather is so mild and AC so rare) so even though I’m desperate to paint the door, it’s pointless.

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