Toy storage & organization

Today I wanted to share a little about how we currently combat the constant mess of Presley’s toys and books. We don’t have the luxury of a playroom but we are lucky enough to have a small nook behind our couch that was just big enough to become Presley’s play space.


Most of Presley’s toys are big items like the fisher price rocking horse, antique doll crib, and play kitchen. I push those items to the back of the couch when she isn’t playing but everything is easy enough to pull out and move to whatever space we are in at the moment.


On the back wall I park her shopping cart with her play food and cloth bucket (target) filled with her dress up items. The kitchen (WalMart online) holds all of her play pans and is her favorite toy of all time!


On the side wall opposite from the couch I used two baskets from target. One to hold stuffed animals and the other to hold her toys that are plastic and noisy! These baskets are great for moving around and get dumped all over the floor 100 times a day. The great thing about it is that all it takes it throwing it all back in and its clean again!


In the future I would love to purchase a couple of the toy boxes below from Land of Nod but at $199 each it isn’t something we can’t wait on! I do think that they would be easier to get things in and out of and look great!


I am totally obsessed with the industrial toy buckets from Restoration Hardware but at $299 EACH it is not going to happen! It is the perfect project to do as a DIY and I will be posting a tutorial as soon as its done!


Presley outgrew her changing table the day she learned to roll over so we have almost always changed her on the floor in either her room or the living room. We keep her diapers in a bucket on her dresser for her room but in the living room we purchased a couple of baskets from TJ Maxx to house in the table under our TV. One of them holds blankets since I like to hoard them but the other has all of the diaper changing necessities  such as..wipes, Desitin, diapers, and lotion for after her bath. Image

We don’t really keep toys in Presley’s room since the majority of the time we play in the family room but we do store all of her books there. Presley can be found in her little book area all the time “reading.” I bought these book crates at Michaels craft store for $12. They come unfinished but I chose to stain the outside and paint the insides for a fun pop of color!



So there is our current solution to Presley’s toy storage..we plan on cleaning out her toys soon to make way for the Christmas haul so I will update if things change for us but this is what is working for us now!

Happy Thursday yall!


3 thoughts on “Toy storage & organization

  1. Loved the idea of painting the inside of the baskets where you keep the books! You are so creative! It’s fun to see your blog!

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