Ok I admit it…

I am here to admit I have chronic redecorate-itis. I seriously love change, I am blaming this on the fact that my mom re-decorated my room every time I asked, we lived in 4 different houses before I moved in with Drake, and since Drake and I have been married we have lived in two separate states and in 3 separate houses. We have been in our current rental for 2 years and I am craving change! Rather than moving (we love this rental) I choose to change things up by redecorating. Drake is not surprised when he comes home to painters tape on the wall or the furniture rearranged. There is a special place in heaven for men who deal with indecisive women (love you babe). I have the most fun changing up Presley’s space. In a child’s room you can have so much fun changing things up with fun art and tons of color!! Here is the proof that I can never keep things the same. A look at Presley’s rooms through the last two years. (Please excuse the poor picture quality these are all instagrams)


This was her first nursery I decorated. This was when we lived in Great Lakes, Illinois and we were not allowed to paint the walls. We spent all of two weeks living here before packing up and moving to Virginia.

Below is when we first moved into our current house..I begged Drake to paint her room this purple and while it was an ok color it overwhelmed the small space and I never loved it.


After living with the purple for a few months I went out and bought a gallon of a light grey and we painted it that day! It freshened up the room SO much and made it so much brighter I have kept it that color and plan on it staying that way.

Well then Pinterest happened and I saw a bajillion accent walls plastered all over the place. Let me just tell you I am a sucker for an accent wall. On a whim I pulled out my Silhouette and cut out 100’s of circles out of a metallic gold paper. It wasn’t a well thought out plan thought and after about two weeks Presley pulled 70% of them off of the wall.


Now I am going to show you what we are currently working with and what direction I think we are headed in. Don’t hold anything I say against me..I will probably change my mind next week.


The crib is directly in front of you when you walk in as well as the only window in the room. I would love to stencil some sort of accent wall behind the crib and add something above it. I am on the fence with my thrift store chandelier so we will see if that stays or goes.


The closet doors are on the wall to your right when facing the crib. Her closet holds her dresser to make more play space so I would like to keep the doors rather than putting curtains up here. Also I think a window curtain plus two curtain “doors” would look really strange. I’m hoping some new knobs and a nice new coat of paint will freshen them up.


The corner and back wall have her little chair and some other odds and ends. This chair is actually never used, my ham of a child hopped up there and said cheese when she realized I was taking pictures, so the chair will be something we will sell and maybe put a teepee (tipi?!) in its place. The gold trunk was a thrift store find I couldn’t pass up and holds some dress up clothes! The hoops are ok..I just don’t love them. I would love to make a gallery wall with lots of vintage, colorful, and quirky prints. The light was also a thrift score and is originally from Ikea..this will stay I love the shadows it projects onto the walls!

This is the problem wall. It is a couple little prints taped up akwardly with washi tape but I have trouble deciding what to actually do here. I am thinking either a large framed chalkboard or maybe painting a chalkboard directly on the wall.

So there is my thought process all written out. It is sort of a mess. I will update with everything we do in here but I will leave you with some inspiration pictures that are guiding me so far!


3 thoughts on “Ok I admit it…

  1. I know a girl that makes great teepees! I am going to order one for Owen. They are a little pricey and ship from Hawaii. But they are so adorbs. Prob an Xmas present 🙂 remind me and I’ll get you her info!

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