DIY no sew teepee

I am so excited about this project! We have had this idea for a while now, but with Presley’s recent love of blanket forts, we knew this would be the perfect time. I am going to try and write this out step by step for yall but if yall have any questions or are confused please leave me a comment and I will try to answer them!

The final cost for this project was $32.00

Supplies needed:

(4) 1x2x8’s- 99cents each

(1) 9×12 canvas drop cloth- $19.99

(1) pack of rope..will list what kind we used in instructions- $7.99

staple gun- previously owned but can be purchased for under $20

drill and 3/8 drill bit- previously owned

(optional) ric rac or any trim of your choice- previously owned usually $2 a pack

We started out by buying 6 of the 1x2x8 boards but realized it would be too big for the space we are using. Also to cut down on the height of the teepee we had our boards cut down at Home Depot to 6.5 feet. This is totally up to you if you want a bigger teepee or have more room to work with you can add more boards and leave them at 8 ft! Our teepee fits Presley and an adult comfortably.

Step one:

Line your boards up in your workspace to ensure they are all the same height.


Step two:

We measured 6 inches down on each board and used our 3/8in drill bit to drill a hole through the center of each board. The 6 inches at the top will be the criss cross part at the top of the teepee, you can measure down more than this if you want but I would recommend at least 6 inches to work with.

To make this faster Drake double stacked the boards and drilled through them, trying to get as close to centered as possible.


 Step three:

I used a sanding block to sand all the holes and the boards down to make sure Presley couldn’t get a splinter. You could use an electric sander to do this faster but the sanding block worked really well for me!


Step four:

I wish we had pictures of this step but it was a two person job and Presley hasn’t learned to use a camera yet (geez babies can’t do anything). Using the rope pictured below your going to want one person to hold the pole while you thread the rope through. Keep doing this to each pole while the other person holds them, criss crossing them at the top to give them that tee pee shape. Once they are all threaded and in the shape you want them to be in pull the rope tight and just wrap in and out around all the poles.Wrap it a few times until you feel happy with the stability then knot it at the bottom.



Step five:

Now that you have your teepee base it is time to make the cover. We chose to use a canvas drop cloth because of the size and weight of it, but I am assuming any fabric could work. The best way I can describe covering it would be like wrapping a blanket around your shoulders. Wrap the canvas under the rope letting the front overlap each other. We stappled the top of the canvas where it overlapped first and used 5 staples to make sure it would hold up. Next we pulled each side tight around  the bottom so it didnt sag at all and stapled the canvas to the outside of the poles. You will have a lot of excess fabric around the bottom and I trimmed that off on the two sides and back but the front hung just right to the floor. The canvas is heavy enough that you can just pull those front panels behind the two front poles and they will stay open. You can pull them closed whenever you want or leave them open.


 Step six:

This is the fun part! Your basic teepee is done and now if you choose you can add any trim you want or leave it as is! We had some ric rac already so I just added a few strips with hot glue. A fun fabric bunting would look so cute though, or even some extra rope with tassels at the end or a few feathers would look great! There are endless options for embellishing your teepee!


So that is it, you made your very own teepee! Please let me know if I was vague in any of the steps and I will help you further! If you choose to make one following my tutorial please send me pictures I would love to see them!


Here is a little shot of my girl eating breakfast in her new favorite spot, I also added a little rug we had and some fun pillows for maximum reading comfort!


7 thoughts on “DIY no sew teepee

  1. I think we can do this! I need one big enough for two toddlers to sleep in and I think this one should do the trick. I’m on the hunt for vintage looking cowboy material to make a couple of pillows for the teepee. I’m excited! Not sure if my sweet husband feels the same way. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial.

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