$3.00 Bookcase Redesign!

We inherited this bookcase when Drake and I got married, first it was in my brother’s bedroom growing up and then it was moved to my dad’s house when my brother went off to college. To say its been through the ringer would be an understatement. It was in a room with a child first, then in a home that was occupied by 4 dogs! When we first got it, it was a light wood but to take away some stains from the dogs and some artwork from my brother we stained it a dark color. 



The bookcase now lives in my living room corner and although it is old, we still love it! I love staging bookcases with fun little knick knacks and since this is the only bookcase in the house, things get moved around often! The sweet little elephant holding up a stack of books once lived in Presley’s nursery while the vintage blue Ball mason jar was a recent antique find.



Although the bookcase looks cute and serves it’s purpose well, I have been wanting to update it some but could never decide on what to do. I considered painting it white once with the back a pretty turquoise, but with our off white walls I thought it may not look how I have pictured it in my head. My rule of thumb is to never paint real wood without being 110% sure you will love it! Stripping paint is a pain in the a**. I also debated on covering the back with fabric or paper but never found one I really loved. That is until today! I was at Home goods browsing for nothing in particular and spotted the best wrapping paper and my immediate thought was the bookcase. For $2.99 a roll I of course bought it.

Once I got home I measured out the bookcase the width measured to 33in while the wrapping paper was only 30in. I initially was going to scrap the project but I had caught the craft bug and had to figure out how to make it work. I decided to cut the roll in half and just do a center strip. Here are the instructions to how I did it if you are interested in updating a bookcase in your home!

Step one:

Measure out your piece of furniture and paper, fabric, etc…If you can cover the whole back go for it, if not decide the width of the stripe you want and cut the roll down.



Step two:

I chose to use duct tape to adhere my paper to the bookcase for two reasons..the first being that duct tape works on just about anything and the second because I change my mind a lot and didn’t want to make this permanent.

I kept the roll in tact and added two small pieces of tape to the top and taped it flush with the top of the above shelf. ImageImage

Step three: 

I let the roll drop and creased it into the corner and added two more pieces of tape to fully adhere the back piece.



Step four:

I decided not to use the paper on the underside of the shelves because I thought there may not be enough and it doesn’t show unless you look underneath. Since deciding to do this I then cut about half an inch extra of the paper than what I would need to cover the lip of the shelf and added a couple pieces of tape and folded it down to the underside.



Now just repeat this process on however many shelves you have and you are done! As always if you decide to follow this tutorial please let me know if I can explain any more. This is such a simple way to make a big impact!

Here she is all done!



This took me all of 30 minutes, and that was with a little toddler helper. So don’t be afraid to make a little change, spruce up that old piece of furniture in your home with some fun and temporary paper. If you don’t love it..no harm done just pull it up and everything will be back to normal! I’ll leave you with a shot of my little P helping tape up the paper :]Image


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