Restoration Hardware knockoff!

For those of you who read my post on our toy storage, you may remember the $300 Restoration Hardware toy basket that I have loved for some time now! Those of you who haven’t read that post here is the basket I am talking about!



I am totally in love with its industrial style and simple lettering but knew I could make one for MUCH less than the asking price!

After walking through Home goods the other day I spotted the perfect basket to make a knock off. I got this basket for $12.99 but have seen similar at Target for around the same price. 



This basket’s liner is burlap and ties on the handles for easy removal.



After a quick stop at AC Moore for supplies I had everything I needed to recreate the RH version. I bought black acrylic paint, 5 inch stencils, and a stencil brush. The total cost for the three things was less than $10.00!



To start I removed the burlap liner and put a piece of cardboard in between the layers so there wouldn’t be any paint that bled through to the other side.



I then lined up my stencils and eyeballed it for straightness. The baskets bottom doesn’t sit flat on the ground so I knew that once I was done the lettering would not look totally level anyway. 



Using my little stencil brush, I dabbed it in the paint and did a few hits of the brush on the cardboard to get the excess off. When you are stenciling you don’t want a lot of paint on your brush or it may bleed through on parts you don’t want painted. Do all of your letters this way. 



When your done you can set the letters aside to dry and use them later for different projects! Let your liner dry for at least 1-2 hours before putting it back on the basket. 



It is as simple as that! This took me less than an hour and cost a fraction of the RH price. The total cost comes out to $23.99! I think it looks amazingly similar and am totally in love with Presley’s new basket!




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