Our week in pictures!

Hey yall, sorry for the radio silence this week but we have been busier than normal! Drake and I are hard at work updating Presley’s room and I cant wait to share some of those projects with you this week, and hopefully a full room reveal not too long after! I figured since I have been MIA this last week I would recap our week in pictures. Enjoy!

I have been dying to replace this “boob” light ever since we moved in and we finally did it this week! 



We replaced it with this simple “farm” light sold at Home Depot for $29.99



I tend to go to a thrift store at least three times a week, never looking for anything in particular, I just like to go and see if I find anything I love and this week did not disappoint! I found this record player that is as good as new for $30! Drake is so excited to play some of his dad’s old records and I am happy to have replaced my sofa table under the TV for this beauty.



Wednesday night on a whim we decided to carve one of the pumpkins we had..my carving skills need work but we had a great time doing it. Presley scooped out handfuls and ate them like it was candy!! I was worried all night she would get sick but thankfully she kept the pumpkin down :]





Halloween was so much fun this year, P was really shy to begin with but towards the end would go get the candy herself. Such a difference from last year when she couldn’t even walk! She dressed up as Doc Mcstuffins and loved how we oohed and aahed over her costume. I even got her to say Trick or Treat a couple of times! Image Image



The rest of our weekend has been spent painting walls in Presley’s room, updating a few of her toy boxes, and planning the final touches of Presley’s room redo. I am so excited to share with you the progress we have made, I hope yall love it as much as I do! 


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