Wish list Wednesday: Dining room edition

I am busy working on Presley’s room this week and have decided not to share until we are totally finished! We only have a few things left on our to do list in there so until then I thought today would be the perfect day to start a new weekly series..Wish list Wednesday!

Each week I will share with you my wish list and since I have Thanksgiving on the brain, this week is all about dining rooms! We have a four seater bar height table currently but it has definitely seen better days. Now with the recent edition of a crack down the seat of one of the chairs I have gotten Drake on board with looking at new options! We both love the look of a farmhouse style table but with minimal space and a small budget our best bet will be to thrift a table that we like the size and shape of and strip and restain it to  resemble the look we are going for! This works for me for many reasons, I love to scour thrift stores and craigslist so this gives me the perfect reason to do this, and also I am a huge fan of a mismatched table and chairs! Here are some inspiration pictures to show you where we are headed! All of the inspiration pics were found on Pinterest.



I love the finish of this table and the fabric on the chairs and captain chairs is amazing!!!



The combination of colors and metals here with that lacquered white table and killer pendant lights is what my dreams are made of! Seriously to die for.



This is one of my favorites for its sleek color combination and clean lines. Don’t even get me started on that cowhide.LOVE

Since the table will most likely come from a thrift store I am hoping to use that extra money we will save on chairs and accessories. Here are some things I am thinking, I will list the source below the pictures!



Target $75 for 2



Target $75 for 2…These would be great at the head of the table mixed in with the wood chairs.

We are pretty casual diners but these napkins and napkin rings make me want to have people for dinner every night!

ImageImageSource: Anthropologie

I am obsessed with these plates as well!



Source: anthropologie


So this is what is on my wishlist this week! How about yall? What are you wishing for this Wednesday?




3 thoughts on “Wish list Wednesday: Dining room edition

  1. I have a farm house style table that was natural color, which I hate, so we stained it red oak. My husband needs to put another top coat on it and we still need to finish 6 chairs! Sanding chairs around spindles is a lot of work lol. Plus my husband is always gone 😦
    I will keep an eye out on tables for you!

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