The blog is back

At least I hope the title of this post is true. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, we made the big announcement this week that we are having another baby due in September.


We found out I was expecting a few days after Christmas and I have been having trouble keeping my eyes open, let alone making a new post, everyday since. I can’t promise my blogging will be regular but I hope to update on some projects and of course the nursery when we get that started! Oh, and if there are a lot of extra commas that is just me pausing to take a nap on the keyboard.

We have a third bedroom at our house that is currently used as the “man” room but it will turn into the nursery after we find out what the baby is and I get some ideas together! Presley’s crib is very feminine and bulky so as of now the plan is to move her into a twin bed at some point before summer and to sell the crib we currently have for something smaller and more gender neutral! I am so excited about getting Presley in a big girl bed and after getting a jig saw for Christmas we have decided to make her a headboard! This is the inspiration for the bed.


I really like the shape of the above headboard and the daybed style works great for us since Presley’s bed is the first thing you see when walking in. I am really torn between a fabric with a lot of texture like a velvet or linen or a heavily geometric pattern to play off the curves of the clouds. Here are a couple different inspiration pictures.


I love the texture on these headboards and I think a nailhead trim is a must! This green lattice fabric totally has my heart though and I think it would look great with some fluffy white bedding!!


So this is about all I can manage to put into blog form at this point but I hope to update again on our finished dining room and start putting together some mood boards for the nursery!


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